Our Story: Plain & Simple

The Plain Shop is a creative lifestyle brand with a focus on simplicity, sustainability and inclusivity. Starting out in the pandemic, we wanted to create something simple, and through its simplicity, build a community that everyone can be a part of - all encompassed by our slogan and core ethos - "It is what it is."

This was actualised through our flagship design - The Plain White Tee.

We had such a great reaction to our concept, so we expanded our Plain Apparel into premium comfort pieces, producing high quality jumpers, hoodies and organic accessories.

But due to the simplicity of our brand, we wanted a creative outlet that truly aligned with our community. We had a few ideas and we finally landed on playing cards. We have always used playing cards at different stages in our lives but we had never seen ethnic people on playing cards - we wanted to change that.
Introducing Plain Decks - our line of bespoke playing cards featuring our 14 uniquely designed characters: The Plain Royals. However if you look closely you can see all of The Royals are wearing our Plain Apparel; with the Jacks wearing our Tees, the Queens wearing our Jumpers and the Kings wearing our Hoodies.
The Plain Decks were a smash hit, we sold over 2000 decks in our first 18 months! It was clear that people loved and resonated with the characters and the sheer concept of injecting diversity into everyday items.

As Season 1 came to an end, we wanted to continue our focus on inclusivity while also upgrading our streetwear to a more sustainable product. We worked tirelessly for 9 months producing our newest products - The Plain Black Colouring Book, the One with Nature Collection and the Plain Tracksuit range.

The Plain Black Colouring Book stars the Plain Royals - giving you a deeper insight into their world and allowing you to learn their names and various interests.

The One with Nature Collection is our first line of organic Limited Edition pieces starring the Plain Royals.

The Plain Tracksuit Range brings a heavier, more durable and more sustainable piece, made from organic cotton and recycled polyester.
The Plain Team is comprised of Ayo (Founder & Creative/Art Director) & a small team of freelance illustrators. We are committed to actualising the true potential of this concept by showing the world that there is inherent value in simplicity.
The Plain Team
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