The Plain Tour - Spreading simplicity across London!

The Plain Tour

The goal of The Plain Tour is as simple as our designs: we aim to hold a pop up in every borough in London! 

Starting off in our hometown of Hackney, we've set out to meet people all around London, hear your thoughts about our brand and play some card games (Ayo still claims he's the best at Blackjack 🥱)

There are 33 boroughs in London and we're aiming to reach all 33 boroughs by the end of the year.

And we're nearly there! Here's a list of the boroughs we still need to hit:

  1. Redbridge
  2. Havering
  3. Sutton
  4. Kingston upon Thames
  5. Croydon


National Market Traders Federation -  Young Traders Competition
We entered the NMTF Young Traders Competition in both 2021 and 2022. The competition consists of 3 rounds on a local, regional and national scale. We made it to the regional final in 2021 and came back the following year to win within our category at the national level! We were 1 of 7 finalists out of 500 traders.
Over 200 Pop-ups done in under 2 years!
Starting in May 2021, we have now completed over 200 pop ups with hopes of completing all boroughs by the end of 2023.
Over 3000 Plain Decks Sold
We have sold over 4000 Plain Decks with 80% of those being sold face to face, we have seen the reaction to our creation first hand and we cant wait to inject more representation into our media landscape.


If you are a market manager or private market organiser and you're interested in helping us complete The Plain Tour please contact us: 

🔗 IG/Twitter/Tik Tok: @theplainshopuk
✉️ Email:

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