Plain Decks - Bespoke playing cards, made for the culture

Like most people, we have been using playing cards our whole lives, from playing snap and blackjack when we were kids, all the way up to downing a pint at uni playing Ring of Fire.
Then we asked ourselves, of all the decks of cards we'd seen and played with, how many times have we seen black people on them?
Well we realised that we'd never seen it and not only did we think it would be culturally impactful, but most importantly; we thought it'd be very cool. So we got to work on our brand new series: Plain Decks.
The conceptualisation of the Plain Decks led to the creation of the Plain Royals; 14 uniquely designed characters that were created with one goal in mind: To depict characters that everyone could relate to, regardless of what you look like. 
After an incredibly successful launch, we plan to flesh these characters out in a myriad of ways, and we look forward to sharing their journey with you!

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