The Plain Black Art Project - Empowering Young Black Artists

In 2022, I went back to my mother country of Nigeria, after not being back there for 7 years.

Going back as an adult, I was able to get fully immersed in my own interests so naturally I was attracted to the engaging world of black art.

My first and most impactful stop on my black art journey was to the Nike Art Gallery - the biggest collection of art in Nigeria, boasting over 8000 art pieces.

After taking everything in I was inspired to create my own pieces. During my stay in Nigeria I reconnected with my 18 year old cousin. I told him about everything I'd been doing with The Plain Shop and as a digital artist, he was energised!

He said he's always wanted to work on his own project but he couldn't afford an iPad to really get things going, so we bought him an iPad and an iPencil and we began working on 3 pieces inspired by his favourite characters from the Plain Decks. 

After 10 months of hard work we produced 3 amazing illustrations, starring Tijani, Cassidy and The Black Joker!



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